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Embossed Text in CSS3

If you’re anything like me, you sure do love some sexy embossed text. It can make a normal text element on your page appear to be “punched” in rather than […]


CSS3 Transitions Pt.1

Transitioning into the future CSS is really growing up. Essentially, we now have the ability to perform moderately complex animations using nothing but good old cascading style sheets. Prior to […]


Working With Gradients in CSS3

CSS3 is enabling us to ditch our photo editors in favor of its pure goodness. We can now give our elements the most subtle of gradients, and give our pages […]


Basics of CSS3 Animation

Not long ago, in a land where Cascading Style Sheets were just landing on the pages of web designers everywhere, no-one would have ever thought that little old CSS would […]


CSS3 Columns

With frameworks like the 960 Grid System and others floating around to make page layouts easier, there seems to be a growing emphasis on grid or column based design on […]


Selectors and Declarations in CSS

In the old days of HTML, there was really not much style added to anything at all. Pages were typically bare and just plain ugly to say the least. Before […]


Declaration of Colors and Borders in CSS

There are several ways that CSS will allow you to make elements on your page stand out. Without some creative styling, most of your page will simply be text and […]


Fundamentals of CSS Positioning

CSS positioning properties allow you to determine where on your page certain elements will appear. Elements can be positioned using the top, right, bottom and left properties, however to set […]


Creating A Zooming Menu in CSS

A Brief Introduction If you’ve used the internet at all in the last year or so, you may have noticed a surge of fancy rounded corners, shadows, animations, and effects. […]


Multiple Borders in CSS

 A Brief Introduction   Although some may not see a use for having more than one border on a CSS element, it can really be a useful tool in more […]

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