Academic calendar 2022 - 2023 - (2023)

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Academic calendar 2022 - 2023

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What is your study programme?

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In the academic calendar you will find an overview of all education days and holidays for the academic year 2022-2023. Furthermore, you can check your exam periods and resit dates.

The locations and times of your lectures, tutorials and examinations can be found in your timetable.

Public holidays Academic calendar 2022 - 2023


Su. 25 Dec-Mo. 26 Dec

New Year

Su. 01 Jan-Su. 01 Jan

Good Friday

Fr. 07 Apr


Su. 09 Apr-Mo. 10 Apr

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King's Day

Th. 27 Apr

Liberation Day

Fr. 05 May

Ascension Day

Th. 18 May


Su. 28 May-Mo. 29 May

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Academic calendars


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