Ace Cash Express Reviews: 12 Things To Know (2022)

Has going from salary to salary finally got on your nerves?

Do you need some extra cash for some emergency needs? Or are you looking for someone to help with your problem?

In case you want a bit of extra cash through your next payroll checks, we recommend looking at Ace Cash Express.

First, let’s give you an overview…

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Ace Cash Express Review Overview


  • 72-hour satisfaction guarantee
  • Funds deposited within one business day
  • Great for the shorter loan term
  • Absolutely no credit score requirement
  • No collateral required
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Use online or even in-store
  • A fast and easy approval process


  • Loan access varies by state
  • Increased interest rates


  • Loan Amounts: $100 to $2,000
  • Loan Term: Eight to thirty-five days
  • APR Range: Varies based on loan term and amount borrowed
  • Min. Credit Score: Not specified
  • Fees: The CSO fee thirty dollars per hundred dollars borrowed
  • Financing Time: One business day
  • Decades in Business: N/A
  • BBB Rating: A+
  • Min. Revenue: Not specified
  • Availability: Twenty states

What is Ace Cash Express?

Ace Cash Express is a financial solutions company created in 1968 and headquartered in Texas.

Ace Cash Express has the following financial services:

  • Payday loans
  • Installment loans
  • Check cashing
  • Title loans
  • Monthly bill payment
  • Wire Money Transfer
  • Check cashing
  • Money orders
  • Prepaid debit card services

We are going to start off with their payday loans.

This’s a short term loan that will help you cover expenses until your next paycheck. So, if you are someone who wants fast loans until your payday comes, you can apply for an Ace payday loan online or in their store.

So just how do Ace Cash Express installment loans work?

This is a kind of installment loan that is repaid frequently, with scheduled installments or payments. With every single installment, the borrower must pay back the principal loan and interest to the amount borrowed.

In case you meet up with the eligibility requirements, you can apply for an Ace Cash Express installment loan online or in their store.

Unlike the other two, a title loan is protected with collateral. To apply for this particular kind of Ace Cash Express loan, you have to place your vehicle in place as collateral.

What Type Of Personal Loans Ace Cash Express Offers?

Before thinking about a loan from a lender like ACE, you must recognize the risks involved with short-term loans, as well as other choices you might have. But let’s take a better look at what ACE provides specifically so you can determine if you really want it or not.

Does Ace Cash Express Offer Payday Loans?

Yes, Payday loans are usually available in little increments, like $500 or less, plus they are due on the next pay cycle. They focus on serving customers seeking alternatives to the traditional banking type industry

While these services are supposed to supply you with emergency funds, they include a hefty price tag – occasionally to the tune of triple-digit interest rates – as well as an additional danger of dropping more into debt. A

But when a payday loan is really the only option you have, ACE might be an option.

Payday loans in thirteen states are extended by ace. The amount you may be able to borrow differs by states. Though you might qualify for $500 or less.

Like several other payday loans, you have to settle your loan entirely together with borrowing costs by your following payday.

Ace Cash Express Installment loans

If you have chosen to use ACE but you want much more freedom to pay your loan over time, installment loans might be an alternative.

An advantage of installment loans is the predictable payments. Having predictable monthly payments might help with budgeting.

But – and this’s a huge but – you must realize the reimbursement conditions of an installment mortgage mostly depend on your credit and monetary history. Plus, you will probably end up paying higher interest rates in case you’ve bad or poor credit.

That is the situation with regards to ACE.

Regardless of the predictable monthly payments, the interest rates ACE charges to customers continue to be high compared to various other lenders. When you are repaying an installment mortgage with ACE, your starting APR might be no less than 4 to ten times the amount you will spend with a traditional or online bank account.

Before accepting an installment mortgage from any lender, shop around for probably the best interest rates along with terms readily available for you.

Ace Cash Express Has Multiple Other Financial Services and Products

In addition to its loan solutions, ACE capitalizes on the unbanked company to give additional financial services like …

  • Check cashing, including tax refunds.
  • Prepaid debit accounts
  • Expenses payments
  • Title loan

Keep in your mind that you are much better off searching for these services options elsewhere for the most part. Find out more about the risks and opportunities to a title loan before considering them to be a financing option. And take time to review payday loan alternatives before you make a choice.

When you think about these items, remember to carefully flip through the terms and conditions and do a little extra research before using them. To their credit however, ACE has a considerable amount of educational FAQ materials on their website.

Who's Ace Cash Express Ideal for?

Ace Cash Express is ideal for people that require a little short-term loan simply to maintain them through their following payday.

The application procedure is easy and fast, and there are not many borrower requirements.

Because of the excessive prices, however, Ace Cash Express isn’t an appropriate economic option in case you want a larger loan.

How To Get started with Ace Cash Express?

Ace Cash Express provides you with the option to borrow cash online from their official website or perhaps in store.

Before you use it, be sure you see the Ace cash loan requirements. For additional info, go down to the subsequent portion of our Ace Cash Express review post.

Here’s how you can use an Ace online loan:

  • Go to their website:
  • Pick the financial service you will need and click Application.
  • You’ll subsequently have to complete a no-cost program.

The following info is required:

  • Nature of loan
  • First name as well as last name
  • Address
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • Day of birth
  • Social security number
  • Do you rent or even own?
  • Have you been presently filing for or even looking at bankruptcy?
  • Active military info

Next, you are going to need to offer your financial information. When your Ace Cash Express program is prepared, they’ll let you know whether you’re approved or not.

In particular Ace Cash Express reviews we come across online, we realized that several applicants mistook the prequalification for loan approval. Since this increases the question of whether Ace Cash Express is evident about the big difference between prequalification and approval, ensure to read through all of the rules you get about their program carefully.

What Are The Requirements For ACE Cash Express?

These are the Ace Cash Express payday loan requirements:

  • You should be no less than eighteen years old.
  • You have to live in the state you select for the application .
  • No present intention or bankruptcies to file for bankruptcy.
  • You mustn’t be an active person in the army.
  • You will need to have a consistent stream of income (employed, retired, self-employed, disability cash flow).
  • You will need to have a legitimate social security number or maybe a personal taxpayer identification number.
  • You need to have a bank account.
  • The Ace installment loan specifications are precisely the same as their payday demands.

And these are the title loan requirements:

  • A definite title in your name
  • A valid government-issued photo ID
  • A consistent stream of income

Security and privacy of Ace Cash Express

Ace Cash Express collects some of your personal information as well, such as:

  • Social Security number and checking account information
  • Transaction history and also income Credit history as well as assets.
  • Your information is utilized for daily business purposes and also for advertising reasons.

To restrict personal information sharing, contact the Ace Cash Express customer support number for privacy inquiries: 800-224-4338.

Does Ace Cash Express Have Customer Support?

Ace Cash Express customer care may be covered via the talking alternative on their website, phone, and email.

Determined by the fiscal service you are needing assistance with, pick the corresponding Ace Cash Express customer support number:

Online Loans

  • Payday_Loans: (866) 355-6815
  • Installment Loans: (877) 876-2274
  • Title Loans: (877) 769-2172


  • Loans: (888) 753-2355
  • Title Loan Collections: (800) 817-5106
  • Returned Checks: (888) 753-2367

Store Loans: (877) ACE-CASH

ACE Prepaid Debit Card Customers: (866) 387-7363

You can discover their full customer service contact info here.

Ace Cash Express Reviews and Ratings

Today, why don’t we visit several Ace Cash Express ratings by customers.

We will start off with Trustpilot that comes with a total of 10,139 Ace Cash Express ratings. The organization has a 4.5-star rating.

These are the highlights of the good Ace Cash Express loans reviews:

  • The site is user-friendly.
  • Ace Cash Express is not hard to work with.
  • Easy and fast process& services
  • Great for emergency financial backing.

And these are the number of common complaints from the Ace installment loan reviews:

  • Ace Cash Express denied consumers for loan renewal or refinancing.
  • The interest rates are incredibly high.
  • Absolutely no leeway for people not able to make payments.

In a great deal of the payday loan evaluations, clients expressed their satisfaction with just how handy the loans had been whenever they had been starting a rough time economically. Nevertheless, the fees had been really high, and several clients could not make payments due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Ace Cash Express isn’t Consumer Affairs accredited; the company, nonetheless, features a profile there with a total of 333 Ace Cash Express reviews, along with a 1.5-star rating.

The standard Ace Cash Express comment on consumer Affairs states the fees are incredibly high which they provide absolutely no leeway when clients are not in a position to create the full payments.

Does Ace Cash Express Report To The Credit Bureau?

Ace Cash Express additionally features a profile on the greater Business Bureau by having an A+ score. The typical customer rating from Ace Cash Express opinions on BBB is one star.

We also examined several Ace Cash Express Reddit issues. Furthermore, customers cited the excessive costs of the Ace Check cashing and payday loans.

Generally, there have been several Ace Cash Express issues from customers not making the transaction on time.

There were several site articles and information about Ace Cash Express’ expertise ripoffs.

People who had never taken out a mortgage from Ace Cash Express received a call or email that they have paid off their loan. This was most likely a phishing try.

Additionally, remember that Ace Cash Express was engaged in a lawsuit with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Ace Cash Express Review Conclusion

Let’s talk about we liked and did not like about Ace Cash Express.

The category is the simple application process. Almost all you have to accomplish is the totally free online form on the website. You can get the funds within 1 day.

We additionally appreciated that you can be applied in-store. Heading towards the location implies that you can have some people walk you through the task and respond to some questions.

One more thing we liked is the fact that you can borrow a tiny amount. The bulk of marketplace platforms where you can get a personal online loan want you to borrow a minimum of $1,000. With Ace Cash Express, you can obtain only just a few 100 bucks.

Furthermore, we appreciated the point that there’s no minimum credit rating necessity. Thus, Ace Cash Express is a great lending choice if you require modest unsecured loans for poor credit.

What we did not like would be the incredibly high costs. As pointed out in a single Ace Cash Express review, we discovered that the total amount spent on interest was much higher than the primary amount borrowed. The typical APR is around 300 %, which happens to be a great deal higher than the rate charged by some other online lenders.

The main point here is that these kinds of loans are great if you’re bound to costs and do not meet up with the demands for various other types of short-term loans.

When you do not believe Ace Cash Express is an excellent fit for you, check with our other opinions of the most prominent personal loan companies.


Is Ace Cash Express Legitimate?

Sure, Ace Cash Express is a respectable company created in 1968. They’ve been credited by the greater Business Bureau.

Just how long will it take for Ace Cash Express to deposit?

If approved, you can get your Ace Cash Express private loan within 1 business day.

Does Ace Cash Express verify your credit?

While there’s absolutely no Ace Cash credit rating necessity, they will check your credit before reaching a lending choice.

Does Ace Cash Express fund private checks?

Sure, Ace Cash Express will provide cash payroll checks, individual checks, federal checks, income tax refunds check, and any bank checks.

Exactly how much does Ace ask for to money a check?

Ace Cash Express will ask you for a portion of the total amount for verifying services. Nevertheless, for additional info about the fees, you will need to contact the store nearest to you immediately to know if this is included in their services. Enter your Zip code in the’ Find My Store’ package.

Can You Go To Jail For Not Paying Ace Cash Express?

Indeed, in case you forget to make payments, Ace Cash Express usually takes you to court. You will find Ace Cash Express opinions on Consumer Affairs, which verify this.

Could Ace Cash Express garnish my wages?

A lender is only able to garnish your wages in case they have a court order. For additional info on this, see the fact sheet from the US Department of Labor.

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    I have had this company (ACE) threatening me for eight(8) years now. I have gotten arrest warrants, summons to court notices and even garnishment threats but now they are getting nastier. If you are such a reliable company why do you have these going on?

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