Pick-A-Part, 15 Rangi Road, Takanini, Auckland, Phone +64 800 789 000 (2023)


04 November 2022 7:55

Guy at counter was rude but the yard is like most others and hit and miss but reasonably priced and good parking area

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27 August 2022 18:17

Like this pick a part. Quite organized with the cars. Found what we were looking for and thankfully the car was fairly new to the lot

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24 August 2022 8:55

A good old fashioned car breakers yard.
Had a car listed with the part we wanted on the website and was there when we got to the car.

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21 August 2022 18:01

Hubbys area found it ok but found cars not in order. Toilet available good for mans bladder parker was good

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01 July 2022 3:47

Very angry staff, sometime rude and impolite, when you go in as if you are going to jail! To take off the part yourself & with no warranty prices for many partsare so expensive; an airflow $65 no warranty, it is $22 on AliExpress brand new with warranty, no health and safety in all 5 North island yards no soap for washing greecy hands or even after using the toilet box they don't clean the paths between the rows of cars if you fall off you might end up with a bar in your belly or a cut from broken glass.etc on the ground. When raining you need a boat to walk between the cars. In Wellington branch no toilet or water at all. I asked why, they said too costy to bring water up the hill. How the council allowes that!

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23 June 2022 13:06

My favourite parts shop, easy to navigate, real friendly staff, and great value. Only minor thing is the lanes between cars can get a bit clogged with stuff, sometimes not that safe.

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05 June 2022 0:38

They just charge entrance and even if you tell them particular part of the car you want they just charge you and send you inside. They never tell you if the part is available or not.

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02 June 2022 18:53

Super friendly and helpful Thank goodness there was a lovely clean toilet when nature called Open on Sunday and Anzac Day worked well with the Long weekend. Very reliable

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18 May 2022 5:46

Their website and strict adherence to maintaining each cars inventory as parts are sold is super cool.

They do need a customer facing point of sale system so you can see what is going on.

A website list sort by incoming vehicles and date of arrival would be very handy.

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27 March 2022 19:57

Normally good stock. Staff are hot and cold. The old boy at the checkout can be seemingly difficult to deal with for no apparent reason. Still, cheap parts without having to deal with muppet sellers on Facebook.

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13 March 2022 9:28

Average. A lot of people will literally ruin half of the car to get their part - you then have no chance of getting what you wanted even if it’s still there, as you either cannot access it, or it was broken by someone else who pulled one of the parts next to yours. Came there for engine rocker cover, car jacked up and front lf the engine down on the ground, fan and intake boot squashed in, no way to access rocker cover at all! They should pay more attention and keep their stuff tidier, in the end they are loosing a lot of money and not even realising it!

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B Copeland

28 February 2022 5:57

Best place on the planet!
Handy website helps prevent unnecessary visits as they log which parts are sold from vehicles.

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13 February 2022 2:40

Well to bad if you live in Kiataia as it's ridiculous to think I would drive all the way down for a part you might not have, no ph calls allowed for parts useless

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09 February 2022 14:34

Always a good deal with reasonable rates for parts. I've never not managed to find what I needed.

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24 January 2022 10:06

Always check the price at counter first. Because they dont stand by the price list shown on website!
I am a part time mobile mechanic and use alot of 2nd hand parts to save customer some money. Last week been to Takanini branch. I was after ignition switch and steering lock. Website shows $48 for full assembly. Took it out, got on the counter. The lady said "$97 pls". I said its $48 online. She said $48 for the ignition switch, plugs, steering lock and everything, but $49 for the key!
Wow! Thats double the price for same part at the Zebra (yes, including key!)
I would recommend to people who visit pick a part to double check the price before spending time on getting parts off.

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20 January 2022 20:10

Most rude staff I have ever encountered at a business. I didn’t think people like that still existed. Disappointing.

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01 January 2022 4:04

I have used pick a part for years but recently your staff’s habits have gone out of hand. The events I am going to talk about happened at the Mangere yard however I have had arguments about parts at all there Auckland yards.

I went down to Mangere pick a part for a few parts out of a jaguar. A pulled out a full seat set (Fronts and backs) and a few other items. The seats are the main reason I came down from Orewa. When I took the seats up to the girl, that’s when the problems started. They are leather electric seats, listed at $66 each (fronts). She then wanted to charge me for every bit on seats including the Seat, Seat belt stalk pretension type, and the Air bag (This jumps the price up to $153 per front seat) The total seat set would have been $432, Instead of $212 which is what they should have cost. Why are you so random with the parts you are charging? The extra parts are shown for sale on their website but says nowhere they are NOT included in the seat. Explain to me how I’m going to get an air bag out of one of those seats, why would I bother. Under health and safety It would be very dangerous to even try as they could detonate or explode.

It would have cost me $432 for your set when from the jaguar spears dealer they are $450 a complete seat. At least with him I know all the motors, electrics etc work as buying from you I think your quote is “NO REFUNDS” meaning no guarantees. I did really want these seats so I did say I would buy the seat + Seat belt stalk as the stalk can be taken off. With a call to her manager it was still a no. So all the parts I picked went back in the car and left with nothing.

These were bits I wanted however did not need. If you were reasonable I would keep coming back however I seem to alway find I have been over changed on every thing I buy. Instead of charging for every little bit why not have a set price, even if its a bit more rather than making the price up on the spot.

I have to bring zebra up as I have never had a fight or never left their feeling underwhelmed. They are reasonably priced, don’t over charge and most of the stuff is included unless specified on their website. Their yards are also much nicer, friendly staff and a better overall experience. They also provide soap to wash you hands. The Price at zebra for what I wanted is $140 if any one is interested (2 front seats + full backseat, leather electric).

All you are doing is making so people don’t want to use you. If they have to people will but only to get the parts they need not want.

Please do me one favour, can you please stop buying jaguars so I can get the parts at zebra and have a considerable better experience as I won’t be buying from Pick a Part. Cheers

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23 August 2021 19:26

Looked on the website, seemingly had the parts we required, get there and not even! (73 kilometres ea way). What we did get was expensive, they charged $4.40 ea for door lock buttons, apparently $12 a pair online. They need to keep Website up to date.

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18 August 2021 6:45

Its ok but cars should be put in one place per model n not scattered.customers have to go search for them n when you go find the number its at the back n not easily seen.

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17 August 2021 12:06

Poor service quite pushy not understanding what you talking about and letting other people go be for you when you was at the front off the line. Just wasting my time putting this up.

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