Popular ADHD Drug Adderall Runs Low at CVS, Walgreens as Demand Soars (2023)

Popular ADHD Drug Adderall Runs Low at CVS, Walgreens as Demand Soars (1)

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Adderall, the widely used drug for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, is experiencing shortages across the US, according to interviews with patients as well as major pharmacy chains that carry the pills.

Bloomberg spoke to half a dozen patients in states including California, Indiana and Michigan who said that they called or went into CVS Health Corp. or Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. pharmacies in August or September and were told the medicines were out of stock. In some cases, patients were told they might have to wait more than a week to get their medication, which is supposed to be taken every day.

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Who manufactures the best Adderall? ›

For the BEST quality and most potent adderall on the market is made by a company called TEVA. Even pharmacist tell me when they run out of TEVA and must use ALVOGEN their patients complain because the pharmacies cannot keep TEVA in stock because the consumers know it's the best and most effective for ADD and ADHD."

Is Teva still making Adderall? ›

Teva has amphetamine mixed salts in 5 mg and 10 mg tablets on back order and the company estimates a release date of mid-December 2022. The 7.5 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg, and 30 mg tablets are on back order and the company estimates a release date of late-December 2022.

Why is there a shortage of Teva Adderall? ›

Teva, the leading manufacturer of Adderall for the US market, blamed the shortage on intermittent manufacturing delays due to ongoing worker shortages, according to the Wall Street Journal.

What to do if pharmacy is out of Adderall? ›

There are several types of alternatives available:
  1. Stimulant medications include brand names Ritalin, Concerta, Vyvanse and Focalin.
  2. Non-stimulant medications include Strattera and Intuniv.
Nov 22, 2022

Is there a difference between different brands of Adderall? ›

What's more, inactive ingredients in a generic drug are not held to the same standard. “Other characteristics, such as colors and flavorings that do not affect the performance, safety, or effectiveness of the generic medicine may be different,” the FDA states (FDA, 2021). In rare cases, this can present problems.

What is the off brand name of Adderall? ›

Generic Adderall

The generic name for the drug in both the tablet and the capsule is amphetamine/dextroamphetamine salts.

Why is my Adderall not working anymore? ›

The body can develop Adderall tolerance. If you are using it for medical reasons, you may feel as though it has stopped working or become less effective after a period of time. This is perfectly normal. Usually, your doctor will evaluate the efficacy of your current dose and prescribe a tiny increase in dose if needed.

How much does Teva Adderall cost? ›

The cost for Adderall oral tablet 5 mg is around $1,042 for a supply of 100 tablets, depending on the pharmacy you visit. Quoted prices are for cash-paying customers and are not valid with insurance plans. This price guide is based on using the Drugs.com discount card which is accepted at most U.S. pharmacies.

What are the different manufacturers of generic Adderall? ›

DEXTROAMP SACCHARATE, AMP ASPARTATE, DEXTROAMP SULFATE AND AMP SULFATE (amphetamine aspartate; amphetamine sulfate; dextroamphetamine saccharate; dextroamphetamine sulfate capsule, extended release;oral)
  • Manufacturer: ACTAVIS ELIZABETH. ...
  • Manufacturer: ANI PHARMS. ...
  • Manufacturer: ELITE LABS INC. ...
  • Manufacturer: IMPAX LABS.

What are Adderall alternatives? ›

The following are some of the most common alternatives to Adderall.
  • Ritalin (methylphenidate) Ritalin contains the ingredient methylphenidate, which is a CNS stimulant like Adderall. ...
  • Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) ...
  • Strattera (atomoxetine) ...
  • Intuniv (guanfacine extended-release) ...
  • Kapvay (clonidine extended-release)
Nov 14, 2022

Can a pharmacist refuse to fill Adderall? ›

Refusing to fill a prescription is not against the law. Pharmacists can refuse to fill a prescription for a number of reasons, including: The patient may be abusing or misusing the prescription drug. The patient may be trying to fill a prescription too early or in quantities against pharmacy law restrictions.

Why was Teva sued? ›

JERUSALEM, Nov 3 (Reuters) - Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (TEVA. TA) will pay up to $523 million to New York State as part of a nationwide settlement of lawsuits alleging the company helped fuel the U.S. opioid epidemic. The settlement with New York adds an additional $300 million to Teva's total opioid payouts.

What to do if you run out of ADHD meds? ›

ADHD medications remain available

If you are unable to have a prescription filled because of a local shortage, discuss alternate medication options with your doctor. You can also contact other local pharmacies for the availability of your medication at those locations.

Can someone else pick up my Adderall prescription at Walgreens? ›

Practically, the answer is, yes – your prescription may usually be picked up by someone else. But, that individual will likely need a few more things. If the doctor wrote a prescription, for example, the person picking up the drug will require the written prescription to have it filled at the pharmacy.

Can you get multiple Adderall prescriptions? ›

Yes. Partial refills of a scheduled III and IV controlled substance prescriptions are permissible under federal regulations provided that each partial filling is dispensed and recorded in the same manner as a refilling (i.e., date refilled, amount dispensed, initials of dispensing pharmacist, etc.)

Why does generic Adderall feel different? ›

The difference in patients has to do with the differences in the fillers,” he says. Some patients are more sensitive to the colorings, binders, or other chemicals that are used in the generic and not the name-brand drug.

What is better than Adderall for ADD? ›

For those wondering, “is Dexedrine stronger than Adderall,” the answer is yes. Dexedrine is usually more potent than Adderal because Dexedrine only contains the most active ingredient, dextroamphetamine. Dexedrine is the brand name of dextroamphetamine, a common, active ingredient stimulant medication.

Is generic Adderall better than brand? ›

Though the names are different, generic and brand-name drugs work the same. According to the FDA, generic drugs are just as effective as their branded counterparts. Generic name drugs typically cost about 80% to 85% less than branded drugs.

What is the most common ADHD medication for adults? ›

Methylphenidate. Methylphenidate is the most commonly used medicine for ADHD. It belongs to a group of medicines called stimulants, which work by increasing activity in the brain, particularly in areas that play a part in controlling attention and behaviour.

What is the cheapest ADHD treatment? ›

Overall, the cheapest ADHD medication on our list is the antidepressant, nortriptyline (generic Pamelor), which costs $32 per 30, 25 mg capsules or about $1 per 25 mg capsule. The cheapest stimulant listed below is generic Ritalin, which costs $66 per 60, 10 mg tablets or about $1 per 10 mg tablet.

What blood pressure meds treat ADHD? ›

Guanfacine treats high blood pressure by decreasing heart rate and relaxing the blood vessels so that blood can flow more easily through the body. Guanfacine extended-release tablets may treat ADHD by affecting the part of the brain that controls attention and impulsivity.

What should I try if Adderall doesn't work? ›

They may recommend that you slowly increase your dose. If that doesn't work, you may have to try a different drug. Though stimulants are the most common choice for ADHD, your doctor may recommend you try non-stimulants such as atomoxetine, bupropion, or tricyclic antidepressants.

How do I know if my Adderall is too low? ›

Signs Your Adderall Dose Is Too Low
  1. The medication does not last as long as expected.
  2. The medication does not control your ADHD or narcolepsy symptoms.
Oct 27, 2022

How long does it take to build resistance to Adderall? ›

One clinical study showed that 24.7% of patients developed tolerance to stimulants in the time of days to weeks; another showed 2.7% developed tolerance over 10 years. Long term follow-up studies demonstrate that medication response may lessen over longer durations of treatment in a high percentage of patients.

How much is generic Adderall out of pocket? ›

Generic Adderall Vs.

Name-brand Adderall might cost up to around $11 per 20 mg pill or $300 for a 30-day supply. A 30-day supply of generic Adderall, on the other hand, often costs over $200-300 less than brand-name Adderall and may go for $20 or less.

How much does generic Adderall cost at Walmart? ›

Average 12 Month Prices for Adderall (Brand) & Amphetamine-Dextroamphetamine (Generic)
PharmacyAdderall Retail PriceAmphetamine-Dextroamphetamine Retail Price
Kroger Pharmacy$601.39$101.44
Albertsons Pharmacy$667.20$101.96
2 more rows

How much is Adderall per pill without insurance? ›

Cost of Adderall Without Insurance at Major Pharmacies
PharmacyCost Without Insurance (20 mg, 30 tablets)
Rite Aid$333
Giant Pharmacy$307
4 more rows
Aug 23, 2022

What strengths does generic Adderall come in? ›

Adderall dosages and Adderall XR dosages come in the following strengths: Adderall: 5 mg, 7.5 mg, 10 mg, 12.5 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg, 30 mg tablets. Adderall XR: 5 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg, 25 mg, 30 mg capsules.

What is the difference between extended release Adderall and regular Adderall? ›

Adderall is available in two major forms: an immediate-release version (Adderall, although sometimes referred to as “Adderall IR”) and an extended-release version (Adderall XR). Adderall IR treats ADHD symptoms for about 5-8 hours, whereas Adderall XR typically lasts for 10-12 hours.

Is there a generic extended release Adderall? ›

Adderall XR is available as a generic medication and may be significantly cheaper compared to the brand version.

How do you know if you've been red flagged at a pharmacy? ›

Related Articles
  • Look into your medical history. ...
  • Go to a reputable pharmacy and ask for a dosage of your regular prescribed medication. ...
  • If the pharmacist denies you the medication, then you are Red Flagged, as they would have to consult an online system that tracks when your next dosage should be given.

Is done ADHD under investigation? ›

The virtual ADHD medication management company Done Global Inc., branded as Done., is reportedly under investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration's Diversion Control Division.

Does CVS fill Adderall prescriptions? ›

CVS pharmacies will no longer fill prescriptions for controlled substances like Adderall from telehealth companies Cerebral and Done Health, The Wall Street Journal reported. It's the latest blow to Cerebral, which is facing investigations from the US Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Is Teva owned by Pfizer? ›

Teva Pharmaceuticals was the largest generic drug manufacturer, when it was surpassed briefly by US-based Pfizer.
Teva Pharmaceuticals.
Teva Pharmaceuticals logo
TypePublic company
Total assetsUS$ 47.666 Billion (2021)
Total equityUS$ 11.244 Billion (2021)
Number of employees37,537 (2021)
10 more rows

What went wrong with Teva? ›

Teva Stock: Mixed Fourth Quarter

Sales declined 8% to $4.1 billion and lagged Teva stock analysts' call for $4.27 billion. Teva blamed the decline on lower sales of generic drugs in North America and Copaxone's sales dive in every geography. Copaxone sales broadly fell 31% to $232 million.

What brand is similar to Teva? ›

Teva and Chaco are two wildly popular sport sandals in the outdoor community. While both are practical and comfortable, they differ in design, feel, price, and color selection. We compared them side by side to help you choose the right pair for your needs and preferences.

What is the best long acting stimulant for ADHD? ›

Adderall XR is the longer-lasting form, designed to be effective for 10-12 hours.

Is ADHD considered to be a disability? ›

Yes. Whether you view attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as neurological — affecting how the brain concentrates or thinks — or consider ADHD as a disability that impacts working, there is no question that the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) covers individuals with ADHD.

Can you take ADHD medication indefinitely? ›

You might not need to take stimulant medication for ADHD forever; however, your ADHD is still there. If symptoms warrant it, you'll want to start taking your ADHD medication again. Do you suspect that symptoms of ADHD are making your work, home, or school life more challenging than it needs to be?

Can CVS transfer Adderall to another CVS? ›

Yes. Just refill through your account or Rapid Refill and choose to pick up your refill at your new CVS/pharmacy.

How often can you get Adderall refilled? ›

A written prescription for Schedule III, IV or V controlled substances shall not be filled or refilled more than 6 months after the date thereof or refilled more than 5 times unless renewed, in writing, by the prescriber.”

Can CVS transfer my Adderall prescription to another CVS? ›

No problem. Whether it's across the country or just moving to another part of town, transferring your prescriptions from one CVS to another is simple. Just enter your current CVS location and then select your new CVS Pharmacy to pick up future refills.

Can a doctor prescribe a 90 day supply of Adderall? ›

A patient should have no issues approaching their physician with the request, though authorization for the length of prescription supply may vary according to state law. Still, a 90-day supply is widely accepted, and the process can even be expedited if the physician has an electronic submission setup.

How many mg of Adderall should you take a day? ›

For oral dosage form (Adderall® tablets): Adults and children 12 years of age and older—At first, 10 milligrams (mg) per day, divided and given into 2 doses. Your doctor may adjust your dose as needed. Children 6 to 12 years of age—At first, 5 mg per day.

Can you get Adderall in the mail? ›

In addition, many mail order pharmacies restrict the medications they will mail – controlled medications like Adderall or Hydrocodone are not offered by many mail order pharmacies. Furthermore, if you need to talk with somebody about your medication, cost, or some other error then good luck!

Who is the original manufacturer of Adderall? ›

ADDERALL® is a registered trademark of Shire LLC and under license to Duramed Pharmaceutical, Inc. ADDERALL XR® is a registered trademark of Shire US Inc.

What are the different Adderall manufacturers? ›

Rhodes, Sandoz and Amneal still have certain Adderall strengths on tap, too. Takeda's Shire, the branded Adderall drugmaker, also has supplies in stock, ASHP says.

What companies manufacture Adderall? ›

Teva is the largest supplier of the treatment in the US. Other manufacturers, such as Sandoz and Amneal Pharmaceuticals, among others, have experienced issues in trying to fill this shortfall in the product because of the limits that are placed on how much of the medication can be produced by a single manufacturer.

Who manufactures generic Adderall? ›

Camber Pharma Launches Generic Adderall® Piscataway, NJ, January 6, 2022–Camber Pharmaceuticals is pleased to announce the addition of the Amphetamine IR Tablets to their current portfolio. Amphetamine IR Tablets are indicated for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Narcolepsy.

What is the difference between name brand Adderall and generic Adderall? ›

“There may be some slight differences in inactive ingredients, but the active ingredient is exactly the same,” Moore said. Misconception No. 2: Generic and brand-name drug cost really isn't that different. The most significant advantage of using generic prescription drugs is cost savings.

Is generic Adderall as effective? ›

Though the names are different, generic and brand-name drugs work the same. According to the FDA, generic drugs are just as effective as their branded counterparts.

How often can you refill Adderall prescription? ›

A written prescription for Schedule III, IV or V controlled substances shall not be filled or refilled more than 6 months after the date thereof or refilled more than 5 times unless renewed, in writing, by the prescriber.”

What is the generic for Adderall 30 mg? ›


View images of DEXTROAMPHETAMINE-AMPHETAMINE and identify pills by imprint, color or shape.

Who makes generic desoxyn? ›

Mylan Inc. ranks among the leading generic and specialty pharmaceutical companies in the world and provides products to customers in more than 140 countries and territories.

What are the different types of generic Adderall? ›

  • Adderall and Adderall XR (amphetamine and dextroamphetamine)
  • Concerta (methylphenidate)
  • Daytrana (methylphenidate)
  • Dexedrine (dextroamphetamine)
  • Dyanavel XR (amphetamine)
  • Focalin and Focalin XR (dexmethylphenidate)
  • Metadate CD (methylphenidate)
  • Methylin and Methylin ER (methylphenidate)
Jan 17, 2022

What does Teva Adderall look like? ›

Authentic Adderall 30 mg tablets produced by Teva are round, orange/peach, and scored tablets with “dp” embossed on one side and “30″ on the other side of the tablet.

How much cheaper is generic Adderall? ›

Generic Adderall Vs.

Name-brand Adderall might cost up to around $11 per 20 mg pill or $300 for a 30-day supply. A 30-day supply of generic Adderall, on the other hand, often costs over $200-300 less than brand-name Adderall and may go for $20 or less.

Is generic Adderall covered by insurance? ›

Is Adderall covered by insurance? Generic versions of Adderall are generally covered by insurance and Medicare prescription plans. Brand-name Adderall is usually not covered by Medicare prescription plans. Insurance plans generally do not cover brand-name Adderall, or may cover it with a higher copay.

When did generic Adderall become available? ›

FDA approved the abbreviated new drug application (ANDA) from Actavis, a unit of US generics company Watson Pharmaceuticals, for the ADHD drug on 22 June 2012.


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